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Jul 23, 2015

Private requests & faceswaps


Would you be interested in private captions requests and face swaps?

What I mean by private caption request is: you can send me a picture (could be anything, Facebook profile pic, family pictures, ...) and I will write a caption for it.
Same goes with the face swaps.

Why "private" then? Because I would only send the result to you (that's also why you can use Facebook pictures, etc)

I won't do that for free though. Here is the price table I'm thinking about:

Face swap (FS)
Send me two pictures and I will do my best to swap two persons faces (could be a Facebook friend and a pornstar ;))
Private caption (PC)$2Send me a picture and I will write a caption (~ same size as the ones on my blog)
Private caption request (PCR)$5Send me a picture and a request (general idea of the story you want) and I will write a caption.

The more captions you order, the cheaper it gets
5 PC for $8 (5 is the most I will make for a single person at a time)
3 PCR for $12 (3 is the most I will make for a single person at a time)

Send a mail to mtcaptions(at)gmail.com to order something.
The payments go through PayPal (you'll get the link once you've ordered).
==> I will take orders until the 26th July - 8PM (UTC) in order not to have too much to do at first and send the requests in time.

The first 3 mails I receive will get one private caption for free!

Comment below to tell me what you think of the idea and of the prices :)


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