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Jan 30, 2015

Created by MTCaptions

I am now writing captions on OpenTGCaptions.com

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To contact me and ask me questions about OpenTGCaptions.com, there's a blog!

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I will keep publishing captions here from time to time, that's why I'm keeping this blog.
See you ;)

Jan 1, 2015

[Bonus] Open TG Captions: quick news

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to tell you a little more about Open TG Captions (I'm seriously thinking about opening another blog, not to flood this one with OTGC news).

First, thank you all for answering to the survey I created. I've had some good feedback, it really helps and it makes me happy to know that some of you would be happy to just donate money to help.
I'm going to try and answer to some questions (even if some people on OTGC have never heard about this blog)

Above you can see a quick peek at the new version. It's far from done, I'm using a new technology which makes the development a lot cleaner but takes a little more time (I'm starting from scratch - again). I'm happy with the result, see below to know how far I am from releasing.

  • Upload images [90%] (Need to check user quota)
  • Create stories [100%] (With a simple tagging system that I'm proud about)
  • Browse images [98%] Just need to add a small "liked images" filter
  • Browse stories [60%] Still some trouble with the pages, but it's gonna be fine soon
  • Actions with content [60%] Simple voting system implemented, possibility to select images like before. I wanted to do more but it can wait. Still need to implement the "Stories for this image" page...
  • User accounts [?] They're gonna be awesome, that's all I can say. Might release the 3rd version without everything implemented, I'll see.
I'm going to be really busy the next few weeks, that's why I might release the third version before it's completely finished, so that you will have the tagging system and that I can start raising money maybe...

Concerning the survey
  • Thank you for your positive comments, it's always nice to read that you appreciate what I'm doing. I'm having way more fun creating this website than writing captions currently...
  • YES, labels/categories/tags... They're here, and it's going to be great.
  • Concerning the fact that the website is slow and crashes... I can't do much. I would really need money to host the images for instance (that would be a great speed up). I've implemented some things to make it a little less laggy, but without money, I won't go far I think.
    PS: love the comment "Q:Improvements? A:Better server, takes a long time to load up"
  • There is going to be a page for random captions, featured captions. I'm not exactly sure how to present it right now, but it's going to be there.
  • Do not worry, the website as you know it will stay free. I love the idea that people just sign up and create. For free, for fun, anonymously. It's the heart of the website, I won't touch that.
  • However, I need money. So I might add interesting paid features or ask for donations.
  • Some people suggested "Ads" but you need to understand that I can't just click on a "Ad button" and get adds and money on my website. Finding advertisers for an erotica website is really tricky. The only way I could have ads is making bloggers and other TG websites pay me but I don't think they'd be interested really. I'll consider this option later.
  • Note that the website isn't meant to be used on mobile. Well, not to write captions at least. I'm quite happy with what I've done for reading them.

<3 those comments:

i don't want to invest money. i like free things
Lots of other cap sites are free. (Well, yeah, I'm not Google, sorry)

    Thank you for your support.
    See you soon!