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Oct 30, 2014

Not tonight

There are approx. 20 captions created each day on that website.
Open TG Captions is the biggest blog platform for TG captions.


There are some improvements I'll be working on
(labels, possibility to search for captions, design, ...)

I won't be as efficient as these past few days, I need a break
I'll post some captions on OTGC, from time to time.

I hope you like this website, it's been really fun to create (from scratch),
and I'm glad to see so many people using it to create great captions!

Catch you later!

Oct 28, 2014

University hop

As requested
I have a request for a caption for you to create.
Costume Gun/Body Hopper themed; University setting, M-to-F. You fill in the rest :)

But I'm sure I can do better, I'll try something similar later ;)

Oct 27, 2014

Commen├žons (tg1908)

A great caption by tg1908
Be sure to visit tg1908's blog on Open TG Captions
For those who are already registered: don't forget to upvote the captions you like ;)


I've kept working on the website and here are some awesome features
  • Pretty app for creating captions
  • Personal space for each user
  • Possibility to break lines when writing stories (at last!)
  • Latest captions created in the showcase
  • Pretty voting system for captions (with colours :O)
  • Points for each user (depends on the number of captions and average score)
  • Profile pictures!
Hope you like it! See you soon :)

PS. I'm not going to post captions from OTGC all the time, I just want people to know there are some great stuff over there (approx. 800 captions!) ~ hope you don't mind me using your cap, tg1908.

Oct 26, 2014

[Bonus] Open TG Captions is now a blog platform

Open TG Captions V2.0

Spread the word! The latest version of Open TG Captions is out.
Be sure to check out the Showcase section, you'll find everyone's work.

For instance, here's HottyToddy's blog

Leave your comments here to tell me what you think about this update!
It's not perfect - it still needs a few features, but I'm quite happy with the result.
Some people really have great ideas.
I hope Open TG Captions will be as popular as any other caption blog.

The biggest question is:
what to do with all these "Anonymous" captions?
I've decided to remove the possibility to post as an anonymous, but is it really interesting?

From natural to perfect (Series)

For Daniel.

Hi, could I please request a caption series about a guy called Daniel who turns into a woman (A Summers) and is progressively becoming more well endowed and dumber by the day, as he becomes more and more like a bimbo? From A Summers, could he transform into S Stylez, and then B French? Thanks

Please note that's not the kind of caption I like doing - using pictures of porn stars. I like not to have any limits concerning the choice of pictures I use.
Also, sorry I didn't use your name - I write most of my captions using the first person form (I). Not sure why, makes it easier for me.
Hope you like it anyway ;)

I guess I might take a small break soon, again.
I'll never be as regular as I was a few months ago, surely.

In the meantime, I'll keep you updated concerning Open TG Captions.
I'm so glad to see your great work with the new version.

Thank you all for making the website live.

Oct 25, 2014

OTGC v2 - Beta

Good news, everyone!

The second version of Open TG Captions is almost ready. If some people are interested, please send me an email (I'd be glad to make some of the users test the new version before releasing it).

The main new feature is what I called the showcase, which is a lighter version of a blog... Now, you'll be able to see captions from all OTGC's users (ain't that great?)

There are going to be some changes concerning the images. I might limit the amount of pictures someone can send and/or delete pictures if they aren't used after some time.
The amount of images is starting to be amazing, and some images aren't used at all, it's a little sad.

Anyway, you'll see the new version soon and as I said, send me an email if you want to test it (might not accept everybody though).

See ya :)

Oct 21, 2014

Rewritten (Pt 2)

I hate series that happen on multiple posts, so I'm posting the first part here again!
What do you think?

Oct 18, 2014

The Lipstick (Series)

A one month old request, sorry for the delay!

Hi, I really enjoy your captions, and was wondering if you could make one  (or more if you have ideas) of a girl who won't have sex with her boyfriend unless he lets her put lipstick on him. And feel free to expand the idea or make others going off this idea.

Oct 14, 2014

[Bonus] Out of town

Out Of Town by Kittyhawk

I've just read that, thought you might like it :)

Oct 9, 2014

[Bonus] Quick note

I've read your comments and your requests. Thanks for the feedback and the appreciation you give me, it's really that that keeps me going ;)
I'm awfully busy since September, that's why I take breaks and then post a bit more, when I've got time and I'm inspired.
I'm thinking about a great new version of OpenTGCaptions. It will be a lot more user-centered, I hope you'll like it. Don't worry all the features available now will stay. It's just that I want users to stand out more. There are great creators out there and if I stop capping at some point I'll be happy to think of OTGC as my "legacy" ahah.
Anyway! See you really soon.
And Ps: yes, next time I'll look back into all those requests I've left behind... Sorry.