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Oct 25, 2014

OTGC v2 - Beta

Good news, everyone!

The second version of Open TG Captions is almost ready. If some people are interested, please send me an email (I'd be glad to make some of the users test the new version before releasing it).

The main new feature is what I called the showcase, which is a lighter version of a blog... Now, you'll be able to see captions from all OTGC's users (ain't that great?)

There are going to be some changes concerning the images. I might limit the amount of pictures someone can send and/or delete pictures if they aren't used after some time.
The amount of images is starting to be amazing, and some images aren't used at all, it's a little sad.

Anyway, you'll see the new version soon and as I said, send me an email if you want to test it (might not accept everybody though).

See ya :)

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