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Jun 30, 2014

[Story] My name is Judith

My name is Lloyd, I am a student, at University. I live with one of my friend, James.
He is a bit younger than me, by one year if I remember correctly. He is also studying at University. I am in astrophysics and he is studying psychology.
James' girlfriend, Judith, lives a few miles away from here. She comes and visit him sometimes. She has become of friend of mine, she's a really nice girl.

Judith came over for the week end. We had dinner, the three of us. And during dinner, something strange happened. It's not like everything changed all of a sudden, it was... slow. I noticed that Judith sat closer to me, she spoke to me a lot more, and James didn't seem to care.

I didn't mind. I thought they were a bit more distant, that sort of things happen.
So I played along, I spoke to her, I tried to include James in the conversation sometimes. The dinner went fine, overall.
Judith went to shower. James came to see me and said
"- Aren't you going to join her?"
WHAT? Where did that come from? Did I talk to her too much? Was he upset at me? Oh, God.
"- What are you saying? Why would I do that...?"
"- I don't know, I thought that was a normal thing to do..."
"- Whatever... Good night."
He left. I closed the door and went to sleep.

I could hear them, at night.
It reminded me I used to have a girlfriend, too. It's been almost a year now. I didn't miss her that much, but... It's always great to wake up close to someone...


Mh. It's funny. It's the first time I sleep like that. Generally, I wake up, I move, I go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water; this time, nothing.
Wait a second. I'm not in my room? What happened last night?
Seems like I'm in James' bed.
OH MY GOD. Did something just move? Don't tell me that's... Oh. Ok. That's James' girlfriend. What is she doing in James' bed with me?
Don't panic. Just leave the bed, go to the kitchen, get some breakfast, everything's gonna be fine.
Ok. She didn't wake up. Good thing.
That was strange. But what was even stranger was yet to come. I went to the kitchen, and there I found MYSELF!
I couldn't believe it. Was I dreaming? That... that was me!
Just... wait. Don't say anything. We'll see if "he" speaks first.
"- Hey, mate, you alright? You look surprised to see me?"
What the actual fuck. Of course I'm surprised to see you, you're me.
"- Uhhh. Yes, no, it's just that..." wait. Is that my voic... Oh. Now I think I understand.
I ran to the bathroom, to see myself. Well, I wasn't myself anymore. I had become James.
I guess it makes sense that I woke up in his bed, next to his girlfriend...

I pretended to be him for the rest of the day. I tried to avoid contact with Judith as much as I could, it didn't feel right to me.

At some point, I was alone with her. She asked me what was wrong. Well, the fact that I'm not myself anymore, to start with?
I invented some random stuff... that made sense, in a way. I was really telling stuff about my... well, James' life. Things that annoyed him, work he had to do and stuff... How did I know this much about him?
It seemed like I was gaining his memories. I concentrated. And I saw it. His entire life. Family, friends, middle school, ex girlfriends, ...
I was James. I was convinced of it now! I looked back at my girlfriend. We were seated on my bed. The door was closed. I knew what I had to do. It all came naturally, as if I was used to it, somehow.
It felt perfect. I was happy to assume James' place. Everything was normal...


That was the best "night" ever. If you can call that a night. Obviously, Judith was a bit surprised, but I wanted to make love to her like I never did. Because, well, I never really did...
I woke up to cuddle her, but she felt... taller?
Why does it feel like her legs are hairy? Why does she have short hair? Why do I have long hair? Oh... don't tell me IT happened again...


Jun 28, 2014

The Wanderer (Series)

I'm on fire!
Two 4 parts series in 3 days? What's happening?
(oh and tomorrow's a special day as well!)

Check out Open TG Captions
And special thanks to Ikalo for some of those images! ;)

Jun 27, 2014


Keep sending your stories and images :)

I'll let you guess

Dad's invention (Explicit)

[Bonus] OTGC

Hi everyone, this month is about to end and I might take some "vacations" in July.
I'd like to know what you think about my side project, Open TG Captions?
As you can see, I'm still working on it, but I'm glad there are some people participating in this project :)
I've contacted a few others captionners, some have politely declined, but most did not answer :(
If you want to see more captionners using OTGC, go and ask them! More captionners means more captions created!

In July I will mainly use OTGC to create captions (it accelerates the creation process) and I will certainly remaster some of my first captions.
So as I told you, "holidays" ^^

If you have questions to ask me, this blog post can do.
I'd be happy to answer your questions (well most of them) :D


Jun 26, 2014

Women's Pond

This story, suggested by Guy Incognito
on OTGC reminded me of a comic ;)

by Oglaf

Brittany the judge (Series)

Can You do a series of an old judge who is trying a man with a hidden remote control and the man slowly changes the judge from a old man, old woman, to increasing younger until he's young horny long haired bimbo. The sentences gets less and less severe till the sentence is to fuck her.

As always, I adapt a little ;)
This was a fun request, I didn't know how
to start but once I did, 4 panels came ^^
Hope you all enjoy that!

Jun 25, 2014

The right costume

Requested story
A guy named Felix wants to talk his girlfriend into some kind of sexy costume-roleplay. Fed up with him, she somehow turns him into a girl, forces him into the costume he bought for her, and really enjoys teasing him into 'acting the part' if he ever wants his old body back
I adapted it a little, hope you don't mind ;)

Swap Class

Suggested on

Jun 24, 2014

Pretty girl

Open TG Captions

Open TG Captions is back!

Hopefully, the CPU won't crash this time.
I've spent money on this, the website will live a year
and then we'll see :)
There might be ads at some point (I doubt it but
I'd like not to lose money...)

I hope you like this website!
I'm looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

And again, I'll be working with M from
Body Swap Fiction, be sure to check out
his blog!

* The more stories there are with a picture, the better.
Don't prevent yourself from posting a story if there's already one.
* Create an account! It's free, non-intrusive, anonymous,
and it will allow you to upvote/downvote content.
* Upload pictures you like, if they get upvoted, we might use them

If you have something to report:
* Website down
* Image/story not being uploaded
* Impossible to log in

Or if you just want to say the website's awesome...

Comment below!

Lily Anderson

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Jun 22, 2014

For the best

Series Sunday!
A short one this time :(

(Yes, I know, the Medallion isn't supposed to work
like this but never mind!)

Jun 19, 2014

Douchy behaviour

Fairy tale

I haven't forgotten about what you've
posted on mtcaptions.url.ph ;)

I adapted the story a little.
What you post on those websites is a source
of inspiration for me. I will do what I like,
I'm not a caption-making machine ;)

Jun 18, 2014

Open TG Captions: News

It seems like free web hosting providers aren't good enough for Open TG Captions.
I'm currently looking at other services, I have found one that seems correct…
It costs money, you might see ads at some point, I'm not sure yet :/ (sorry, I don't want to put too many ads and stuff but I can't spend too much money on a side project…)

I'll give you the address soon enough.
I'm glad to see so many people are interested in this project.
Thanks for you support!

Are you serious?

Trust issues

It's up!

OTGC down? Update soon.

[Bonus] Open TG Captions

Some of you are already using mtcaptions.url.ph, and
I'm really happy about it :)

It gave me the motivation to build
something bigger, prettier and more powerful.

I will soon present to you
Open TG Captions

The idea is the same as mtcaptions.url.ph
- You can upload images
- You can suggest stories
- You can vote for your favourites images/stories
- We captionners choose an image and a story to
create the bestest captions evaaah.

Yes, we. So far, we are only 2 participating
to this project, but I hope more will join us later :)
(Check out Body Swap Fiction, it's great)

Get ready.

Jun 14, 2014

Granted wish

Requested on mtcaptions.url.ph

About this website, I'm proud to say I'll be working with
M from Body Swap fictions when the website's updated
(which should be soon-ish).

Stay tuned ;)

Can you do something?

Can you please make a caption where a guy accidentally swaps with his sister or girlfriend and is forced to do her PE exam
(or repeat the year), but he does it wrong and to pass the test he chooses to have sex with the teacher
(if its a female teacher it will be great).

So boring