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May 31, 2014

Introducing NUBODY

If you were given the choice, would you do it?
If yes, which one would you pick? :)

May 30, 2014

[Bonus] Hentai


[Bonus] Getting ready for June!

Quick peak at some of the captions I'll be publishing in June!
Hope you'll like them ;)
Don't hesitate to send your requests now!
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[Story] Must have been a dream

It all started with a little headache. We were watching a movie with my girlfriend when she started to say she didn't feel too well. She went to bed early, I finished the movie we were watching before joining her.
The following days, she got a little more distant. I could see she wasn't feeling that good, she looked paler than usual. On the other hand, I noticed more and more physical changes over the days.
I could have sworn her eyes weren't that color before. The few times I could hug her, she felt a little taller and a little bolder than she used to.
I thought that was due to whatever she had, I didn't pay attention.

Her changes were affecting me a little. I didn't have the same appetite as before, I didn't enjoy the time with my friends, they appeared to be more rude than before...
Strange thoughts were rushing through my head. At some point, I thought I was going crazy. I caught myself thinking about shaving my legs, putting some of girlfriend's cream on my face...
My habits were changing, too. I was now sitting to pee, I didn't spend that much time on porn websites as before...

I was too busy with my mental changes that I didn't realize what had happened to my girlfriend. She was a lot taller, a lot fatter, and a lot hairier since that night she started feeling sick.
She spent her days playing video games, she didn't bother getting dressed properly... I had to clean everything after her.

Our couple was weird. We hadn't spoke to each other for a long time, but we were still together. We were living our life without knowing what the other was up to. This situation was very awkward.
Until that day. We had sex.
I wasn't as performant as before, and she was a lot needier.

Strange things happened that night. During sex, she grabbed my breasts and began licking my nipples... I didn't complain, it felt nice.

After the sex, we spooned. She was behind me. She didn't use to be behind me though... But that was because she was a lot taller than me now.
I felt safe. I fell asleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, I thought my girlfriend's hair was on my face, but she was sleeping at the other end of the bed. That was my hair. My pretty, curly hair.

I suddenly had a moment of lucidity. What had happened? Why all those changes? I thought about all those things I had done to myself. I remembered. Shaving my legs, brushing my hair, buying leggings, jewelry... I wasn't wearing a bra, but I know I remember putting one on yesterday... I had to. I had boobs now. That was crazy. All those changes... I didn't see them happening. But now it was done. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw her. My girlfriend. I had become her.

I turned to see my male body, asleep in the bed.

Only then I realized how crazy this story was. This must have been a dream...


May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014

Her body

Mrs Jackson

I like being generic.

[Bonus] 3 months!

The blog is now 3 months old,
For the first time one of my caption has reached 1k views :)
I would like to thank Erika Caption, tehswitcher, and World of TG
Every time it has brought me more readers,
and what lovely readers...
Thank you all for reading my captions, for coming back, for commenting
That's what keeps me going!

I'm glad you enjoy reading what I enjoy doing :)

6 years ago


May 7, 2014

Human cuddles

I'm not the biggest fan of animals to human body swaps but why not, it has been requested.
Hope it pleases some of you!

Really became her

This one was fun writing, hope you'll like it :)