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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (3/5)

Alex becomes Brittany

This week end was a particular week end. Both my flatmate’s and my girlfriend were staying at ours. I had met his girlfriend a few times before, and she didn’t struck me as a particularly bright girl but I didn’t mind her staying.

The first day went fine, we were about to go to sleep when I felt a little thirsty. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my glass, drank some of the water that was in it - only, it tasted funny. I looked at the glass, it wasn’t mine. There was some lipstick on it.
My girlfriend wasn’t a big fan of make-up, so I guessed this was Brittany’s glass. It didn’t bother me, she didn’t look sick or anything.
I went to bed, and started to feel extremely hot. Especially my dick. A simple touch from my girlfriend made me get a hard on. The night was awesome. I fell quickly asleep, not knowing this would be the last time I’d be a man…

When I woke up, I wasn’t in my bed anymore. I was in my flatmate’s. With my flatmate!
« Good morning sweetie », he told me.
I pushed him and noticed my beautifully manicured hand. It wasn’t mine. Or well, not until this morning. I looked at my body, only to find two perfect boobs hanging on my chest. I was naked, and just as yesterday night, incredibly horny…
My friend saw I was worried and began to cuddle me. I felt my whole body on fire - I felt so pretty, so powerful. I knew my boyfriend would fuck me if I only asked him, and oh, I wanted him so badly… The old me was far gone now.

Bonus: Brittany's story (in Alex's body)


  1. This is also good

  2. Cant wait to see Brittany in Alex's body

  3. I wonder if she enjoys it or not? maybe listens at the door jealous hearing what alex is doing with her body, or then after she could get mad and shows alex by fucking alex's girlfriend. On the other hand maybe the drink was meant for her boyfriend only alex drank it instead, so ending up in his body is just as good.