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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (1/5)

Alex becomes Mike

This doesn't happen very often, but yesterday night my flatmate and I were both receiving our girlfriends. They didn't really know each other but the evening went fine.
We all went to sleep, but upon waking up, I found myself in my flatmate's bed. At first, I thought the logical explanation was that I had drank too much, but I wouldn't forget where my bedroom was…
I realized what had happened when Brittany kissed me and asked if I slept well. I replied "Yes, fine, I guess..." and heard that my voice was in fact Mike’s.
I got up and left the bedroom, only to find my old body in the corridor, waiting for me.
We discussed and agreed to pretend that nothing happened and play each other's role for how long it was necessary.
At first, we were both uncomfortable, but the girls began to notice it. When I saw him kissing my girlfriend, I was angry and jealous, and that’s how it began. The more we did with each other’s girlfriend, the more the other would do.
At the end of the day, I was quite comfortable naming my new girlfriend « honey », and kissing her. I didn’t even do it out of revenge or anything, I just liked it, I liked being with her…
When I looked at the girl who used to be my girlfriend, I only saw a girl. She was quite plain in fact. I couldn’t believe I fell in love with her.
Later in the afternoon, both couples went to their new respective bedroom. We lied down on the bed, cuddled like they used to, I guess. I did everything almost mechanically. It was all a reflex.
One thing led to another, and we ended up naked, with her on top of me.
Hearing her moan my friend’s name and thinking that he could hear me in the room next door made me incredibly horny.
Every time I would ram my borrowed dick inside her I would forget about who I previously was, but I didn’t care, it felt so good. I didn’t mind losing all my memories, and becoming someone else.
I was happy this way, strangely.

Bonus: Mike's point of view

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  1. Excellent. These are all wonderful :)