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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (4/5)

Alex becomes Brittany
and Mike becomes Lisa

I was hiking with my girlfriend and another couple when the weather got really bad. Thunder approached and we could hear the lightning getting closer.
A struck fell really close to us, provoking a peculiar event. We all fell to the ground and quickly noticed we weren’t in our original bodies.
I had become Brittany, and my girlfriend became Mike. To make it clear: the boys were now the girls in the other couple.
We rushed to the car, avoiding the storm and went back to the hotel where we were staying for the week.

Not knowing if there could be any solution, we decided just to rest in each other’s bedroom. Hopefully, I was still with my girlfriend, but in a girl’s body. Everything was so strange, but we decided to take it positively. I started to get dressed in the different outfits that were now mine, while my girlfriend just looked at me. I could see her new body was liking it. I stripped down for her and when she came closer to me, I could see she was towering me. Mike’s body seemed so nice from here. I felt small compared to him but I loved thinking he was there to protect me in a way…
This was a really strange feeling that led me into his arms. As I pressed my naked petite body against his, I started feeling aroused.
We locked the door, not wanting to be bothered and spent the afternoon discovering our new bodies, not knowing that having sex would seal the deal and that we could never go back to our original selves. I didn’t care, I loved being a girl, and having my girlfriend’s mind in this handsome body… I couldn’t be happier.

Bonus: The other couple's story

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