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Jul 19, 2014


Open TG Captions


  1. Wow, is this a high framerate 'gif', it looks so smooth. You always use such good gifs, which is nice since Gif captions aren't too awfully common still.

    Btw, did you happen to know Robynbehindthenet over at Ecirava? I've been asking around at different TG captioners sites cause I'm on the lookout for her since the 'collapse' of the website. She also did Gif Captions, so, I don't know why, but I figured you may be a 'contemporary', XD.

    1. Hi :) Thanks for your comment!
      I always try to pick the best images/gifs. They're not common but I've recently discovered a captionner that uses them quite well, Elysia

      Never heard of her, sorry. As you can see, I've only just started my blog a few months ago. I'm not even sure who my "contemporaries" are ^^