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Jul 13, 2014

[Bonus] OTGC - Question time

Hi everyone!
Open TG Captions has been up and running for a bit less than a month, and I'm glad to see approximately 300 sessions/day :)
I'd like to ask your your general opinion on this website and a few more specific ones:
- What functionalities would you add (comments on images for instance?)
- Would you be interested in some kind of "contest", if yes, what would be an interesting prize for you?
- Do you like the captions I create from this website?

Thanks for taking a few seconds, to help me improve my work :)


1 comment :

  1. Comments could be neat, as well as a way to report inappropriate images.

    Sometimes the captions you create are a bit dry but I also understand you're trying to work within the parameters of the request. Perhaps you could give an example of the sort of length and detail in requests you like to work with?