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Jul 23, 2015

Private requests & faceswaps


Would you be interested in private captions requests and face swaps?

What I mean by private caption request is: you can send me a picture (could be anything, Facebook profile pic, family pictures, ...) and I will write a caption for it.
Same goes with the face swaps.

Why "private" then? Because I would only send the result to you (that's also why you can use Facebook pictures, etc)

I won't do that for free though. Here is the price table I'm thinking about:

Face swap (FS)
Send me two pictures and I will do my best to swap two persons faces (could be a Facebook friend and a pornstar ;))
Private caption (PC)$2Send me a picture and I will write a caption (~ same size as the ones on my blog)
Private caption request (PCR)$5Send me a picture and a request (general idea of the story you want) and I will write a caption.

The more captions you order, the cheaper it gets
5 PC for $8 (5 is the most I will make for a single person at a time)
3 PCR for $12 (3 is the most I will make for a single person at a time)

Send a mail to mtcaptions(at)gmail.com to order something.
The payments go through PayPal (you'll get the link once you've ordered).
==> I will take orders until the 26th July - 8PM (UTC) in order not to have too much to do at first and send the requests in time.

The first 3 mails I receive will get one private caption for free!

Comment below to tell me what you think of the idea and of the prices :)


Jun 13, 2015


Hi everyone!

What kind of captions would you like me to write?
I'm not waiting for requests, just suggestions like "More M2M", "IQ Regression stuff"... etc.

That reminds me that I should implement a request system on OTGC... :)

See ya!

Feb 24, 2015

Fellow captionners

Hi everyone,

In a month, lots of blogs hosted on Blogger will have to shut down due to a policy update.
Hopefully, Open TG Captions is here!
The website isn't perfect but it's perfectible. I would love to work with the most popular captionners, that would bring light to the website.

Contrarily to Blogger, Open TG Captions is a platform made for us.
It's not a blog platform, it's a captions platform.

And as I said, your feedback is always welcome.
The site will evolve, thanks to you.

So I'm asking all the readers, all the content creators to take a look at Open TG Captions, to speak about it.

If you have any questions regarding the website, please email me, leave a comment here or on OpenTGCaptions.blogspot.com (the news blog).

Jan 30, 2015

Created by MTCaptions

I am now writing captions on OpenTGCaptions.com

Click here to check it out!

To contact me and ask me questions about OpenTGCaptions.com, there's a blog!

Click here to check it out!

I will keep publishing captions here from time to time, that's why I'm keeping this blog.
See you ;)