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Feb 24, 2015

Fellow captionners

Hi everyone,

In a month, lots of blogs hosted on Blogger will have to shut down due to a policy update.
Hopefully, Open TG Captions is here!
The website isn't perfect but it's perfectible. I would love to work with the most popular captionners, that would bring light to the website.

Contrarily to Blogger, Open TG Captions is a platform made for us.
It's not a blog platform, it's a captions platform.

And as I said, your feedback is always welcome.
The site will evolve, thanks to you.

So I'm asking all the readers, all the content creators to take a look at Open TG Captions, to speak about it.

If you have any questions regarding the website, please email me, leave a comment here or on OpenTGCaptions.blogspot.com (the news blog).


  1. As it stands, Open TG Captions is a great project that I really enjoy. But if it's going to fill the huge hole that will be left by the Blogger policy changes, there will have to be changes which make it easier to follow one's favorite caption writers. Filtering by name is not enough - there are too many names to remember, too many in the list (a captionner who wrote one caption 3 months ago features in the same way as someone who writes 5 a week, etc) and no way to see if someone has updated recently without searching through each name.

    I hope I come across as constructive more than critical - next to TGComics, OTGC is the best platform for TG content out there right now and I'm aware it is a lot of work for no monetary reward. But these are the kind of changes which could potentially see it fill the gap that will be left by a Blogger exodus.

    Thank you again!

    1. Obviously, OTGC isn't as complete as Blogspot.
      But contrarily to Tumblr, WordPress, it's made for us, and by us. Everything can be done with some motivation, time and money...

      I know that a lot can be done but your input is always appreciated.
      I'll try and work on a better way to read and find captions.
      But yes, money is a problem... I'll try and start some sort of campaign on the website to raise money.

      Sadly, the website might not be updated before captionners have left to another website.
      And again, their support would have been appreciated.
      We'll see how things go :)
      OTGC has been referenced by World Of TG so...

  2. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing in the OTGC site is an ability to post the caption as a whole, if you have it already in caption form rather than showing the pic then having to add the text by hand through paint or some other editing program

    1. That's not planned.
      OTGC is meant for people who can't/don't want to use this kind of software.
      Maybe in one of the next version, but it's not a priority sorry