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Jul 31, 2014

[Story] Sleep notes

When I wake up after having a dream, I note them. On my phone, on a piece of paper...
And it's been a few days, I'm having these weird dreams... Here are my "sleep notes"

24th July
I was with a friend, Lucas, and his girlfriend Marie, in my flat. We were just chatting, but I couldn't help but think I was "part" of their relationship. I have no idea how to describe that, it really was a weird feeling.

25th July
This time, I was seating with my friend's girlfriend, Marie, on my bed. We were getting close and we kissed. I suddenly woke up, feeling happy and strange at the same time. I'm supposed to see Lucas today, this is going to be weird.

26th July
Maybe it's because I've seen him today, but I had a dream about Lucas tonight. We were kind of living together in a way. I was preparing our meal, showering at his place... I can't remember much else but when I woke up, I had a smile, thinking about him.
I'm not sure what to think about those dreams.

27th July
It looked more like a nightmare this time. Everything was spinning around me, when I looked at my hands, they weren't mine, I couldn't understand.
I ran to the bathroom, and when I tried looking at the mirror, I woke up, sweating.

28th July
I'm not having the best night sleeps. I can't help thinking about Lucas, or his girlfriend. I'm starting to lose weight and my hair is growing at an alarming rate...
I guess I'll call the doctor at some point.

29th July
Have you seen Inception? I've had dreams in my dreams, it was so strange. They were all kind of a mix between all the dreams I had those previous nights.
Only this time, things were a bit clearer.
When I talked, I sounded like Marie. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw Marie. Whenever I was with Lucas, I felt incredibly happy.
I felt like I was getting further away from myself.

When I woke up, everything went back to normal.
This was the strangest night ever.
Wait. Is that Lucas? How did I ... Why do I have long hair, and... my legs, they're... Oh don't tell me I'm?... Am I still dreaming?


Jul 26, 2014

Cursed glasses (Explicit)

I recently discovered this blog
And I really liked Elysia's style and the
situations she chose to describe...
So I thought about doing something
a bit like what she does (cursed object)

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery

Image from OTGC

Jul 25, 2014

Larry (Explicit)

A month-old request. Sorry :$
And I didn't do a series, didn't feel like it, since
I was that late.
Maybe I'll try again some day!

I would like to request a short series where a man named Larry is yelling at someone and he gets turned into a young hot woman and then I am the boss and he is serving me! Can you have him end up as a brunette?

Jul 24, 2014

Training in his body

Requested, some days ago.
Picture from Open TG Captions

Really enjoy your captions! Can I request one where a girl is narcissistic and asks her boyfriend to transform into an identical copy of her, so she can know what it's like to sleep with herself.

Jul 18, 2014

The club pill

On all the pageviews I got, Germans are ranked #3
So I thought they should know I'm busy.

Once again, a fast CP from OTGC

By the way, on Sunday, I'll clear many of the captions
that have a negative score! Save your images,
upvotes the ones you like :)

Jul 17, 2014


Awfully busy atm
I see great image suggestions on OTGC!
Please suggest stories now :)

Jul 15, 2014

Soon (Explicit)

Don't forget to vote!
Downvoting is important as well, it allows me
to know when to delete a picture.

Jul 13, 2014

Jonathan's baby-sitter

Such a great story, I didn't feel like modifying it much,
so I also signed the name of the author :)

[Bonus] OTGC - Question time

Hi everyone!
Open TG Captions has been up and running for a bit less than a month, and I'm glad to see approximately 300 sessions/day :)
I'd like to ask your your general opinion on this website and a few more specific ones:
- What functionalities would you add (comments on images for instance?)
- Would you be interested in some kind of "contest", if yes, what would be an interesting prize for you?
- Do you like the captions I create from this website?

Thanks for taking a few seconds, to help me improve my work :)



Jul 11, 2014


Suggest your stories!
I will use the one with the most upvotes ;)

Jul 10, 2014


Black background? Uh, that's dark.
What do you think?

Suggest new stories or dig up an old one!

Jul 9, 2014


Visit Open TG Captions for more
Click here to see the captions I've made from OTGC

Jul 7, 2014

My sister's husband

(Well 2 captions today! It's Sunday after all)


No Sunday's Special this week (awh)
And I'm back to one caption a day I think (busyyy)
So I'll only do OTGC captions for now...

Jul 5, 2014

Different life

Hoped you like this new (temporary) writing style
Don't hesitate to comment :)
Last "dark" caption tomorrow I think...

Jul 1, 2014


Pathetic mind

I'm trying out a darker style, in writing.
You'll notice them thanks to the black background.
Every morning this week.