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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (2/5)

Alex becomes Lisa
In-couple swap

This morning, my girlfriend and I decided to try out this spell that we thought was a body swap spell. It turned out to be a body transformation one.
We were both dressed, her in a cute dress, me in jeans and t-shirt as usual.
When the spell started to take effect, we both felt a little sick, our head was spinning. She went in the bathroom, while I ran in the bedroom.
Unsure of what was happening, I kept my clothes on, but felt like I was getting a lot smaller. I was soon floating in my t-shirt, and my pants fell down. That’s when I realized I almost had no body hair anymore and that my dick was half as small as it used to be. I understood we weren’t going to swap bodies, but genders at least. I was becoming a cute, small girl.
Long hair was now falling on my face, my skin felt soft. I grabbed my new breasts, feeling them, all those new sensations… That’s when I realized my hands were now really girly: thin, soft, and manicured. I looked down to see my perfectly shaven pussy, and my cute little feet.
Everything about my body could be described this way: small, soft, and cute.
I loved everything about my new body, and knew someone who would as well… I got completely naked, lied on the bed and waited for my girlf… boyfriend.
I felt incredibly warm, almost suffocating. I guessed it was part of the spell, but still. I took off my dress, and noticed how difficult it was to get out of it. My body seemed to get bigger and bigger.
As I was gaining height and weight, I remarked that my boobs were getting smaller. That’s when I thought about what would happen down there. I looked down to see something grow in my panties. It felt incredibly nice, but my girly underwear couldn’t hold it any longer.
I decided to strip naked, when I look up, I met the new me in the mirror.
Short hair, masculine face, and a beard. I gasped, discovering the deep voice that was now mine.
I felt powerful, those big hands, those muscles… I went to the bedroom where my boyf… girlfriend had ran before. Discovering her naked on the bed got me excited to a point… Tonight would be an awesome night for sure.

Bonus: The couple's new life (changes in behaviour)


  1. This one is great!

  2. This is an awesome one, I'd love to see the sequel. Behavioral changes rock.

  3. I want to ses the bonus :)