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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (5/5)

Alex becomes Brittany
Brittany becomes Mike
Mike becomes Alex
- what a mess

Brittany wanted to swap bodies with her boyfriend, only the spell didn't work as expected, and I ended up in her body. She, in Mike's body didn't believe me when I told her who I really was, plus the old me, now inhabited by Mike, kept acting like I usually did. At night, I could hear them fuck in the room next door.
It enraged me that my girlfriend had no idea who was really doing her right now, while I had to deal with the girl I now was, in a horny guy’s body. I would spend the night trying to avoid her new dick, but I eventually gave in. Every time his dick would go inside me, I would forget who I really was. I started to remember things about Brittany’s life, when I tried to think about my girlfriend, I could only see my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend…
In the end, I didn’t mind being a younger girl, losing a few years of education, having tastes really different from my old ones…
I just hope Brittany doesn’t want her body back now.

Bonus1: Mike's point of view.
Bonus2: Alex's new life.

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