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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (Bonus)

Brittany becomes Lisa

When Brittany started dating Mike, she didn't know Alex. The first time she met him, she instantly had a crush on him, but couldn't do anything about it. She loved Mike, sure, but if she could, she would definitely take Lisa's place. Plus, she found her quite pretty, and thought that her and Alex went on well... Even better than her and Mike.
Over the past few days, the situation in her couple degraded. She kept arguing with her boyfriend, and kept thinking about Alex. Every time she would have sex with her boyfriend, she would think about his friend.

One day, while wandering in China Town, she found an odd shop with plenty of strange potions. She went in and the shop owner recommended a particular potion, saying it would solve all her problems without causing new ones.
She bought it and went back to her flat. The instructions were quite clear and she knew what she had to do with it. A single drop in two wine glasses and the two persons drinking it would swap bodies.

The very next day, she invited Alex and Lisa over. Mike wasn't the happiest about it, but he compelled. During the dinner, the operation was tricky but she managed to execute her plan. Soon, she would be the beautiful Lisa, and would leave her old life behind.
A few minutes after she drank her glass, Lisa told her boyfriend that she felt sick, and asked him if they could leave. And so they did.
Brittany started feeling the same symptoms but tried to keep a straight face until their friends left.
It didn't take much time for the potion to take effect. In a matter of minutes, Brittany was in possession of her friend's body. She was in the car, looking at her new boyfriend.

That was it. She left Lisa in her old body, with her angry boyfriend, while she gained the life she had always dreamed about.
The spell was so perfect, she was starting to gain Lisa's memories, so when she saw Brittany calling her, she just ignored the call, thinking it will soon be all over.

Bonus: Alternative story, Brittany becomes Alex

Forgot about F2F, sorry :)


  1. Obviously Brittney becomes Lisa should be continued.

  2. How about a man steals his wife’s cousins body and leaves her thinking she really has been him all ‘his’ life. Her name’s Kyndra and she’s a hot little teenager blonde