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Dec 25, 2014

Two couples (Bonus)

Brittany becomes Lisa

When Brittany started dating Mike, she didn't know Alex. The first time she met him, she instantly had a crush on him, but couldn't do anything about it. She loved Mike, sure, but if she could, she would definitely take Lisa's place. Plus, she found her quite pretty, and thought that her and Alex went on well... Even better than her and Mike.
Over the past few days, the situation in her couple degraded. She kept arguing with her boyfriend, and kept thinking about Alex. Every time she would have sex with her boyfriend, she would think about his friend.

One day, while wandering in China Town, she found an odd shop with plenty of strange potions. She went in and the shop owner recommended a particular potion, saying it would solve all her problems without causing new ones.
She bought it and went back to her flat. The instructions were quite clear and she knew what she had to do with it. A single drop in two wine glasses and the two persons drinking it would swap bodies.

The very next day, she invited Alex and Lisa over. Mike wasn't the happiest about it, but he compelled. During the dinner, the operation was tricky but she managed to execute her plan. Soon, she would be the beautiful Lisa, and would leave her old life behind.
A few minutes after she drank her glass, Lisa told her boyfriend that she felt sick, and asked him if they could leave. And so they did.
Brittany started feeling the same symptoms but tried to keep a straight face until their friends left.
It didn't take much time for the potion to take effect. In a matter of minutes, Brittany was in possession of her friend's body. She was in the car, looking at her new boyfriend.

That was it. She left Lisa in her old body, with her angry boyfriend, while she gained the life she had always dreamed about.
The spell was so perfect, she was starting to gain Lisa's memories, so when she saw Brittany calling her, she just ignored the call, thinking it will soon be all over.

Bonus: Alternative story, Brittany becomes Alex

Forgot about F2F, sorry :)

Two couples (5/5)

Alex becomes Brittany
Brittany becomes Mike
Mike becomes Alex
- what a mess

Brittany wanted to swap bodies with her boyfriend, only the spell didn't work as expected, and I ended up in her body. She, in Mike's body didn't believe me when I told her who I really was, plus the old me, now inhabited by Mike, kept acting like I usually did. At night, I could hear them fuck in the room next door.
It enraged me that my girlfriend had no idea who was really doing her right now, while I had to deal with the girl I now was, in a horny guy’s body. I would spend the night trying to avoid her new dick, but I eventually gave in. Every time his dick would go inside me, I would forget who I really was. I started to remember things about Brittany’s life, when I tried to think about my girlfriend, I could only see my boyfriend’s friend’s girlfriend…
In the end, I didn’t mind being a younger girl, losing a few years of education, having tastes really different from my old ones…
I just hope Brittany doesn’t want her body back now.

Bonus1: Mike's point of view.
Bonus2: Alex's new life.

Two couples (4/5)

Alex becomes Brittany
and Mike becomes Lisa

I was hiking with my girlfriend and another couple when the weather got really bad. Thunder approached and we could hear the lightning getting closer.
A struck fell really close to us, provoking a peculiar event. We all fell to the ground and quickly noticed we weren’t in our original bodies.
I had become Brittany, and my girlfriend became Mike. To make it clear: the boys were now the girls in the other couple.
We rushed to the car, avoiding the storm and went back to the hotel where we were staying for the week.

Not knowing if there could be any solution, we decided just to rest in each other’s bedroom. Hopefully, I was still with my girlfriend, but in a girl’s body. Everything was so strange, but we decided to take it positively. I started to get dressed in the different outfits that were now mine, while my girlfriend just looked at me. I could see her new body was liking it. I stripped down for her and when she came closer to me, I could see she was towering me. Mike’s body seemed so nice from here. I felt small compared to him but I loved thinking he was there to protect me in a way…
This was a really strange feeling that led me into his arms. As I pressed my naked petite body against his, I started feeling aroused.
We locked the door, not wanting to be bothered and spent the afternoon discovering our new bodies, not knowing that having sex would seal the deal and that we could never go back to our original selves. I didn’t care, I loved being a girl, and having my girlfriend’s mind in this handsome body… I couldn’t be happier.

Bonus: The other couple's story

Two couples (3/5)

Alex becomes Brittany

This week end was a particular week end. Both my flatmate’s and my girlfriend were staying at ours. I had met his girlfriend a few times before, and she didn’t struck me as a particularly bright girl but I didn’t mind her staying.

The first day went fine, we were about to go to sleep when I felt a little thirsty. I went to the kitchen and grabbed my glass, drank some of the water that was in it - only, it tasted funny. I looked at the glass, it wasn’t mine. There was some lipstick on it.
My girlfriend wasn’t a big fan of make-up, so I guessed this was Brittany’s glass. It didn’t bother me, she didn’t look sick or anything.
I went to bed, and started to feel extremely hot. Especially my dick. A simple touch from my girlfriend made me get a hard on. The night was awesome. I fell quickly asleep, not knowing this would be the last time I’d be a man…

When I woke up, I wasn’t in my bed anymore. I was in my flatmate’s. With my flatmate!
« Good morning sweetie », he told me.
I pushed him and noticed my beautifully manicured hand. It wasn’t mine. Or well, not until this morning. I looked at my body, only to find two perfect boobs hanging on my chest. I was naked, and just as yesterday night, incredibly horny…
My friend saw I was worried and began to cuddle me. I felt my whole body on fire - I felt so pretty, so powerful. I knew my boyfriend would fuck me if I only asked him, and oh, I wanted him so badly… The old me was far gone now.

Bonus: Brittany's story (in Alex's body)

Two couples (2/5)

Alex becomes Lisa
In-couple swap

This morning, my girlfriend and I decided to try out this spell that we thought was a body swap spell. It turned out to be a body transformation one.
We were both dressed, her in a cute dress, me in jeans and t-shirt as usual.
When the spell started to take effect, we both felt a little sick, our head was spinning. She went in the bathroom, while I ran in the bedroom.
Unsure of what was happening, I kept my clothes on, but felt like I was getting a lot smaller. I was soon floating in my t-shirt, and my pants fell down. That’s when I realized I almost had no body hair anymore and that my dick was half as small as it used to be. I understood we weren’t going to swap bodies, but genders at least. I was becoming a cute, small girl.
Long hair was now falling on my face, my skin felt soft. I grabbed my new breasts, feeling them, all those new sensations… That’s when I realized my hands were now really girly: thin, soft, and manicured. I looked down to see my perfectly shaven pussy, and my cute little feet.
Everything about my body could be described this way: small, soft, and cute.
I loved everything about my new body, and knew someone who would as well… I got completely naked, lied on the bed and waited for my girlf… boyfriend.
I felt incredibly warm, almost suffocating. I guessed it was part of the spell, but still. I took off my dress, and noticed how difficult it was to get out of it. My body seemed to get bigger and bigger.
As I was gaining height and weight, I remarked that my boobs were getting smaller. That’s when I thought about what would happen down there. I looked down to see something grow in my panties. It felt incredibly nice, but my girly underwear couldn’t hold it any longer.
I decided to strip naked, when I look up, I met the new me in the mirror.
Short hair, masculine face, and a beard. I gasped, discovering the deep voice that was now mine.
I felt powerful, those big hands, those muscles… I went to the bedroom where my boyf… girlfriend had ran before. Discovering her naked on the bed got me excited to a point… Tonight would be an awesome night for sure.

Bonus: The couple's new life (changes in behaviour)

Two couples (1/5)

Alex becomes Mike

This doesn't happen very often, but yesterday night my flatmate and I were both receiving our girlfriends. They didn't really know each other but the evening went fine.
We all went to sleep, but upon waking up, I found myself in my flatmate's bed. At first, I thought the logical explanation was that I had drank too much, but I wouldn't forget where my bedroom was…
I realized what had happened when Brittany kissed me and asked if I slept well. I replied "Yes, fine, I guess..." and heard that my voice was in fact Mike’s.
I got up and left the bedroom, only to find my old body in the corridor, waiting for me.
We discussed and agreed to pretend that nothing happened and play each other's role for how long it was necessary.
At first, we were both uncomfortable, but the girls began to notice it. When I saw him kissing my girlfriend, I was angry and jealous, and that’s how it began. The more we did with each other’s girlfriend, the more the other would do.
At the end of the day, I was quite comfortable naming my new girlfriend « honey », and kissing her. I didn’t even do it out of revenge or anything, I just liked it, I liked being with her…
When I looked at the girl who used to be my girlfriend, I only saw a girl. She was quite plain in fact. I couldn’t believe I fell in love with her.
Later in the afternoon, both couples went to their new respective bedroom. We lied down on the bed, cuddled like they used to, I guess. I did everything almost mechanically. It was all a reflex.
One thing led to another, and we ended up naked, with her on top of me.
Hearing her moan my friend’s name and thinking that he could hear me in the room next door made me incredibly horny.
Every time I would ram my borrowed dick inside her I would forget about who I previously was, but I didn’t care, it felt so good. I didn’t mind losing all my memories, and becoming someone else.
I was happy this way, strangely.

Bonus: Mike's point of view

Too much text to fit in one image, sorry.

Two couples (Series)

Two Couples

Imagine two couples: Alex & Lisa, Mike & Brittany

In this 5 part series, they will all be swapped (M2F, F2M, M2M, F2F)

Vote for your favourite caption by commenting on it!
The caption with most comments will have a sequel (see Bonus in the captions)
For some captions there are 2 possible options for a sequel, specify which one you want in the comments :)

Hope you enjoy this series as much as I did making it.

Dec 24, 2014

Ex-girlfriend revenge

Small present for you all :)
Thank you for following me and supporting me.
Your comments always make me happy.

Merry Christmas!
See you tomorrow for the real present :D
Hope you'll like it.

Dec 13, 2014


Quick news about this blog


I haven't done any captions for some time (apart from the ones I posted on OpenTGCaptions, which aren't as good as I used to do), and I don't think I ever will again (or not as much, really).
Creating captions for this blog was fun but it was really time consuming. I find myself enjoying creating small stories on OpenTGCaptions more now. Takes less time, the result might not be as good but who knows...

Anyway! This blog will stay up for some time, maybe at some point I will create a new one for OpenTGCaptions, maybe I will come back here to post series when I'm inspired. We'll see :)

OpenTGCaptions.com: 3rd version

Today I'm starting to develop the new version of OpenTGCaptions. You've asked me questions, you gave me your insights and I'm glad that this projects pleases you. It's amazing how many captions are created a day, how many users register...

I love to think that this website might last. The only drawback is money.
Hosting a website costs money, and I will have to monetize it.
All the features you have now will stay, do not worry, but for people who want more, I will (try to) offer Premium Accounts. You'll have more details soon, don't worry.
If you have any ideas on how you'd like to help me, please send me a message, comment.
I was thinking about using PayPal, it's quite safe and almost anonymous. I don't really know many other ways.

Just to remind you: the website will shut down if I can't pay the hosting company.
I don't have the money to spend on this...

I'll tell you soon about the new features ;)

Thank you for reading! <3

Nov 25, 2014


Oooh, I have so many great ideas on how to improve and monetize OpenTGCaptions.com!
I see a whole new design, brand new features... It's going to be awesome, believe me!
And wow, these past few days so many captions popped up, are you feeling inspired?
8 captions a day in average! That's crazy. Thank you for making this website live!
Even if I don't caption as much as before, I feel great thinking I created this for the community.

I was thinking about creating a blog just for OpenTGCaptions news, what do you think? Comment below.

Nov 22, 2014

News & OTGC

Hi everyone!

As you might have seen, I haven't capped a lot recently, and I think it's going to stay like this for some time.
I have so much to do, and I feel like my inspiration is running low. I will try and post captions on OTGC sometimes, but not so much on this blog I think.
We'll see how things go, I'm glad that you keep checking in.

About OpenTGCaptions.com, there was a bug that prevented you from creating an account, I'm sorry about it, it came from an update I've done...
It's fixed now! Feel free to create your accounts, create captions, and spread the love ;)

Sooo, about updates.
As I told you I don't have much time but these are the things I'll try and do

  • Usable tag system
  • Following users/blogs
  • Maybe a better design for the blogs
  • A draft system for captions
  • A "save for later" option for images
Other than that I'm quite happy with the result and I'm to see that much good work.
There are in average 7 captions created per day. OpenTGCaptions is the biggest TG Captions platform everrr, thanks to you!

I'll have to think about a way to monetize it, otherwise it will have to die in about 8 months...

React and comment!


Nov 10, 2014

All we had to do

As promised, I publish some captions on OTGC sometimes ;)
Check it out!

Oct 30, 2014

Not tonight

There are approx. 20 captions created each day on that website.
Open TG Captions is the biggest blog platform for TG captions.


There are some improvements I'll be working on
(labels, possibility to search for captions, design, ...)

I won't be as efficient as these past few days, I need a break
I'll post some captions on OTGC, from time to time.

I hope you like this website, it's been really fun to create (from scratch),
and I'm glad to see so many people using it to create great captions!

Catch you later!

Oct 28, 2014

University hop

As requested
I have a request for a caption for you to create.
Costume Gun/Body Hopper themed; University setting, M-to-F. You fill in the rest :)

But I'm sure I can do better, I'll try something similar later ;)

Oct 27, 2014

Commen├žons (tg1908)

A great caption by tg1908
Be sure to visit tg1908's blog on Open TG Captions
For those who are already registered: don't forget to upvote the captions you like ;)


I've kept working on the website and here are some awesome features
  • Pretty app for creating captions
  • Personal space for each user
  • Possibility to break lines when writing stories (at last!)
  • Latest captions created in the showcase
  • Pretty voting system for captions (with colours :O)
  • Points for each user (depends on the number of captions and average score)
  • Profile pictures!
Hope you like it! See you soon :)

PS. I'm not going to post captions from OTGC all the time, I just want people to know there are some great stuff over there (approx. 800 captions!) ~ hope you don't mind me using your cap, tg1908.

Oct 26, 2014

[Bonus] Open TG Captions is now a blog platform

Open TG Captions V2.0

Spread the word! The latest version of Open TG Captions is out.
Be sure to check out the Showcase section, you'll find everyone's work.

For instance, here's HottyToddy's blog

Leave your comments here to tell me what you think about this update!
It's not perfect - it still needs a few features, but I'm quite happy with the result.
Some people really have great ideas.
I hope Open TG Captions will be as popular as any other caption blog.

The biggest question is:
what to do with all these "Anonymous" captions?
I've decided to remove the possibility to post as an anonymous, but is it really interesting?

From natural to perfect (Series)

For Daniel.

Hi, could I please request a caption series about a guy called Daniel who turns into a woman (A Summers) and is progressively becoming more well endowed and dumber by the day, as he becomes more and more like a bimbo? From A Summers, could he transform into S Stylez, and then B French? Thanks

Please note that's not the kind of caption I like doing - using pictures of porn stars. I like not to have any limits concerning the choice of pictures I use.
Also, sorry I didn't use your name - I write most of my captions using the first person form (I). Not sure why, makes it easier for me.
Hope you like it anyway ;)

I guess I might take a small break soon, again.
I'll never be as regular as I was a few months ago, surely.

In the meantime, I'll keep you updated concerning Open TG Captions.
I'm so glad to see your great work with the new version.

Thank you all for making the website live.

Oct 25, 2014

OTGC v2 - Beta

Good news, everyone!

The second version of Open TG Captions is almost ready. If some people are interested, please send me an email (I'd be glad to make some of the users test the new version before releasing it).

The main new feature is what I called the showcase, which is a lighter version of a blog... Now, you'll be able to see captions from all OTGC's users (ain't that great?)

There are going to be some changes concerning the images. I might limit the amount of pictures someone can send and/or delete pictures if they aren't used after some time.
The amount of images is starting to be amazing, and some images aren't used at all, it's a little sad.

Anyway, you'll see the new version soon and as I said, send me an email if you want to test it (might not accept everybody though).

See ya :)

Oct 21, 2014

Rewritten (Pt 2)

I hate series that happen on multiple posts, so I'm posting the first part here again!
What do you think?

Oct 18, 2014

The Lipstick (Series)

A one month old request, sorry for the delay!

Hi, I really enjoy your captions, and was wondering if you could make one  (or more if you have ideas) of a girl who won't have sex with her boyfriend unless he lets her put lipstick on him. And feel free to expand the idea or make others going off this idea.

Oct 14, 2014

[Bonus] Out of town

Out Of Town by Kittyhawk

I've just read that, thought you might like it :)

Oct 9, 2014

[Bonus] Quick note

I've read your comments and your requests. Thanks for the feedback and the appreciation you give me, it's really that that keeps me going ;)
I'm awfully busy since September, that's why I take breaks and then post a bit more, when I've got time and I'm inspired.
I'm thinking about a great new version of OpenTGCaptions. It will be a lot more user-centered, I hope you'll like it. Don't worry all the features available now will stay. It's just that I want users to stand out more. There are great creators out there and if I stop capping at some point I'll be happy to think of OTGC as my "legacy" ahah.
Anyway! See you really soon.
And Ps: yes, next time I'll look back into all those requests I've left behind... Sorry.

Sep 28, 2014

[Bonus] Discussion about OTGC

Do you want OTGC to become some sort of blog, where you'll be the ones to post?


Some of you are using Open TG Captions and I'm thankful for it.
Even if I'm not super active, I love to see this website receiving content from you.

I've noticed that you're not exactly using the website as I imagined it (which is perfectly fine, it's here to serve you).
At first, I thought of this website as some kind of request/suggestion system. However, many of you are really writing captions. Which is placing Open TG Captions on the same level as any other TG Caption blog.
Buuuuut, the only difference is that it's a bit "messy". It wasn't organised for this kind of use (that's my excuse).

So I'm thinking about developing something new. the website will be the same, but I'll be adding some sort of "blog" part. Each user will have it's own "personal" space where his creations will be stored.

Would that be an interesting feature for you?
Right now, the "user" part isn't much fun but as I told you, I didn't think captions would be created on this website, only "drafts" that could be used by captionners.

Please comment below to give me your input on this.
If I get a positive feedback, Open TG Captions will become some sort of lite-Blogger version for captionners… Sounds like fun!


ps. Just went through some of my captions, and most of my favourites I posted in may/june. I guess that's when I had the most fun capping ^^


A story by werewoman from OTGC
I'll be posting a few captions this week, but I'm really not convinced by them. Any input will be appreciated, but I'm not certain about the future of my blog...

Sep 21, 2014

Magic spell (+ lots of text)

I haven't found the inspiration to do anything yet, I'm sorry.
I'm posting the only 2 captions I've done this month, and I'm not entirely satisfied with them.
Hope I can come up with something soon.
I like creating captions but I just don't feel like it at the moment.
Right now, I'd tell you not to expect anything for quite some time…

atm, I really enjoy Lady Elysia's captions
then I'd say Some TG Captions is one of my favourite
When I started capping I loved tehswitchers and The Swapping Grounds but now I need "more" in a way. That's why Elysia's captions are great, they're original, the stories are always complete and the mind alterations are always so perverted…
That might be a reason why I'm stopping for a while as well. I'll always need "more", I've found this quite frustrating (even if TG Creations brings a little more with using videos for instance)…
So I might come back with a different style, using more gifs and more "corruption" stories. I really don't know.
Mh. We'll see how things go, but these few months have been fun so far :)
Thanks for reading my captions/liking my work.


A girl's wardrobe

Sep 7, 2014

Stealing (Explicit)

What is your (dream) girlfriend like?
Answer in the comments, I'll try and make captions with that...

Aug 31, 2014

[Bonus] Quick reminder: OTGC

Hi all,

As some of you know already, I'm the creator of Open TG Captions.
Recently, JYNX has joined the community of captionners using the website (yay).

I would just like to remind people that they can use the images and the stories as they want but there are a few (little) conditions

  • Please send me an email beforehand. Just so I can give you special rights (like the possibility to "use" an image, making it unavailable for other, and linking the image to your caption).
  • When using images/stories please quote the website. It's a free website and it can't become "popular" if you don't say where you've got the image/story from.
  • As for stories, it's a nice thing to do to quote the pseudo of the person who posted the story. I'm trying my best to do so (when I simply copy/paste, otherwise I don't really feel the need to do it, for the reason below).
  • For people who post images and stories: note that OTGC is a suggestion platform. It wasn't meant to replace a TG caption blog. It could. I never really considered this possibility but (well in fact, I kinda did, but I'll tell you about that later).
    So whenever you post something, you agree that someone can post a caption on their blog (under the conditions above).
Hope this is clear to everyone. Don't hesitate to comment what you think about the website, how it works, how captionners like me use it, etc. I'm glad people participate in this website, it's a great adventure :)