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Sep 28, 2014

[Bonus] Discussion about OTGC

Do you want OTGC to become some sort of blog, where you'll be the ones to post?


Some of you are using Open TG Captions and I'm thankful for it.
Even if I'm not super active, I love to see this website receiving content from you.

I've noticed that you're not exactly using the website as I imagined it (which is perfectly fine, it's here to serve you).
At first, I thought of this website as some kind of request/suggestion system. However, many of you are really writing captions. Which is placing Open TG Captions on the same level as any other TG Caption blog.
Buuuuut, the only difference is that it's a bit "messy". It wasn't organised for this kind of use (that's my excuse).

So I'm thinking about developing something new. the website will be the same, but I'll be adding some sort of "blog" part. Each user will have it's own "personal" space where his creations will be stored.

Would that be an interesting feature for you?
Right now, the "user" part isn't much fun but as I told you, I didn't think captions would be created on this website, only "drafts" that could be used by captionners.

Please comment below to give me your input on this.
If I get a positive feedback, Open TG Captions will become some sort of lite-Blogger version for captionners… Sounds like fun!


ps. Just went through some of my captions, and most of my favourites I posted in may/june. I guess that's when I had the most fun capping ^^


  1. Sounds pretty good to me personally.

  2. Sounds great! I know I'd use it - but my insight would be that only 4-8 people would use it on a regular basis. So I wouldn't strain yourself trying to re-do the site, because those of us that use it can make do with it's messy lay out.

  3. I've been writing the captions rather than my ideas because the ideas are way harder than the actual construction. I've made sloppy mistakes a few times, mostly because I've been writing on my phone, so an edit function would be good. But otherwise, in blog format or as it is now, I really like the openness and simplicity of it, and that multiple people can caption an image.

  4. I tend to get carried away with an idea and just end up writing the caption. The blog area could be nice but don't put your back out redoing the site.

    One comment I would make is that older pictures that get captioned later don't really get much of a chance to be seen. It'd be nice if it was possible to see recently captioned images as well as recently added ones.

    Love the project and the blog though!

  5. Something like TF-Media then?