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Sep 21, 2014

Magic spell (+ lots of text)

I haven't found the inspiration to do anything yet, I'm sorry.
I'm posting the only 2 captions I've done this month, and I'm not entirely satisfied with them.
Hope I can come up with something soon.
I like creating captions but I just don't feel like it at the moment.
Right now, I'd tell you not to expect anything for quite some time…

atm, I really enjoy Lady Elysia's captions
then I'd say Some TG Captions is one of my favourite
When I started capping I loved tehswitchers and The Swapping Grounds but now I need "more" in a way. That's why Elysia's captions are great, they're original, the stories are always complete and the mind alterations are always so perverted…
That might be a reason why I'm stopping for a while as well. I'll always need "more", I've found this quite frustrating (even if TG Creations brings a little more with using videos for instance)…
So I might come back with a different style, using more gifs and more "corruption" stories. I really don't know.
Mh. We'll see how things go, but these few months have been fun so far :)
Thanks for reading my captions/liking my work.



  1. We understand. And excellent captions by the way. Thank you!

  2. Hope you find some inspiration and impetus to get back on the horse. I'm really grateful for opentgcaptions, I'm having a great time posting stories and pics. Thanks for your hard work!