You're so random.

Nov 25, 2014


Oooh, I have so many great ideas on how to improve and monetize OpenTGCaptions.com!
I see a whole new design, brand new features... It's going to be awesome, believe me!
And wow, these past few days so many captions popped up, are you feeling inspired?
8 captions a day in average! That's crazy. Thank you for making this website live!
Even if I don't caption as much as before, I feel great thinking I created this for the community.

I was thinking about creating a blog just for OpenTGCaptions news, what do you think? Comment below.


  1. Can you please do one where Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter become a pair of lipstick lesbian milfs and Draco Malfoy becomes their slutty daughter? 

    Sincerely, Alyssa Jean.

  2. are you gonna make it so we can save the image with the text?.....thanks appreciated