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Nov 22, 2014

News & OTGC

Hi everyone!

As you might have seen, I haven't capped a lot recently, and I think it's going to stay like this for some time.
I have so much to do, and I feel like my inspiration is running low. I will try and post captions on OTGC sometimes, but not so much on this blog I think.
We'll see how things go, I'm glad that you keep checking in.

About OpenTGCaptions.com, there was a bug that prevented you from creating an account, I'm sorry about it, it came from an update I've done...
It's fixed now! Feel free to create your accounts, create captions, and spread the love ;)

Sooo, about updates.
As I told you I don't have much time but these are the things I'll try and do

  • Usable tag system
  • Following users/blogs
  • Maybe a better design for the blogs
  • A draft system for captions
  • A "save for later" option for images
Other than that I'm quite happy with the result and I'm to see that much good work.
There are in average 7 captions created per day. OpenTGCaptions is the biggest TG Captions platform everrr, thanks to you!

I'll have to think about a way to monetize it, otherwise it will have to die in about 8 months...

React and comment!


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  1. Pretty gutted to hear you've lost most of your motivation to create captions.

    I loved your stuff,I like the idea of OTGC it's a shame they aren't up to your standards though.