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Oct 26, 2014

From natural to perfect (Series)

For Daniel.

Hi, could I please request a caption series about a guy called Daniel who turns into a woman (A Summers) and is progressively becoming more well endowed and dumber by the day, as he becomes more and more like a bimbo? From A Summers, could he transform into S Stylez, and then B French? Thanks

Please note that's not the kind of caption I like doing - using pictures of porn stars. I like not to have any limits concerning the choice of pictures I use.
Also, sorry I didn't use your name - I write most of my captions using the first person form (I). Not sure why, makes it easier for me.
Hope you like it anyway ;)

I guess I might take a small break soon, again.
I'll never be as regular as I was a few months ago, surely.

In the meantime, I'll keep you updated concerning Open TG Captions.
I'm so glad to see your great work with the new version.

Thank you all for making the website live.

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