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Oct 9, 2014

[Bonus] Quick note

I've read your comments and your requests. Thanks for the feedback and the appreciation you give me, it's really that that keeps me going ;)
I'm awfully busy since September, that's why I take breaks and then post a bit more, when I've got time and I'm inspired.
I'm thinking about a great new version of OpenTGCaptions. It will be a lot more user-centered, I hope you'll like it. Don't worry all the features available now will stay. It's just that I want users to stand out more. There are great creators out there and if I stop capping at some point I'll be happy to think of OTGC as my "legacy" ahah.
Anyway! See you really soon.
And Ps: yes, next time I'll look back into all those requests I've left behind... Sorry.

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