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Oct 27, 2014

Commençons (tg1908)

A great caption by tg1908
Be sure to visit tg1908's blog on Open TG Captions
For those who are already registered: don't forget to upvote the captions you like ;)


I've kept working on the website and here are some awesome features
  • Pretty app for creating captions
  • Personal space for each user
  • Possibility to break lines when writing stories (at last!)
  • Latest captions created in the showcase
  • Pretty voting system for captions (with colours :O)
  • Points for each user (depends on the number of captions and average score)
  • Profile pictures!
Hope you like it! See you soon :)

PS. I'm not going to post captions from OTGC all the time, I just want people to know there are some great stuff over there (approx. 800 captions!) ~ hope you don't mind me using your cap, tg1908.


  1. For the site do you have any plans on tags usable tags? That way we could just search for our favorite type of caps easily, ie. Body swap, Possession, great shift etc like a categorization system

  2. Awesome Cap as normal.Keep up the great work.