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Aug 31, 2014

[Bonus] Quick reminder: OTGC

Hi all,

As some of you know already, I'm the creator of Open TG Captions.
Recently, JYNX has joined the community of captionners using the website (yay).

I would just like to remind people that they can use the images and the stories as they want but there are a few (little) conditions

  • Please send me an email beforehand. Just so I can give you special rights (like the possibility to "use" an image, making it unavailable for other, and linking the image to your caption).
  • When using images/stories please quote the website. It's a free website and it can't become "popular" if you don't say where you've got the image/story from.
  • As for stories, it's a nice thing to do to quote the pseudo of the person who posted the story. I'm trying my best to do so (when I simply copy/paste, otherwise I don't really feel the need to do it, for the reason below).
  • For people who post images and stories: note that OTGC is a suggestion platform. It wasn't meant to replace a TG caption blog. It could. I never really considered this possibility but (well in fact, I kinda did, but I'll tell you about that later).
    So whenever you post something, you agree that someone can post a caption on their blog (under the conditions above).
Hope this is clear to everyone. Don't hesitate to comment what you think about the website, how it works, how captionners like me use it, etc. I'm glad people participate in this website, it's a great adventure :)



  1. You need to be extremely careful, specifically with your last 'condition'. The vast majority of images used in captions the creator or rights-holder of the image have not openly released them. Far fewer images people request to be captioned they hold the legal rights on that image. By that statement you are creating a situation where the uploader is claiming to hold the rights, which can potentially open them as well as yourself up for lawsuit if someone really chooses to.

    As someone who has tangled with this line for some time I would recommend two changes:

    1. Remove anything from the site in regards to permission to use an image. Alternatively change the definition to specifically say in order to grant permission they must hold the legal right to do so.

    2. Add a statement that any documented rights-holder may request the removal of their images from your site.

    Both are relatively simple but they help remove that potential for litigation.

    1. I will re-write a few things yes.
      Because obviously, most of the images posted aren't free of use.
      Thanks for you advice.