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Aug 17, 2014

Messy swap (Explicit)

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  1. "... er, both of her! I mean, I want to please the person I've loved for years, whose mind now occupies my former male body, and please the body of the woman I love, now occupied by Jess, whose plain, but very horny, female body I inhabit.
    If that's not confusing enough, I'm actually starting to love being the "middle-man" in this triangle, since my old body seems to last longer & recover quicker than I used to! And, although giving my former gf head is not my favorite act, I absolutely LOVE having her use her manhood on my female genitalia while I bring Jess to climax with my pretty, girlish mouth then ride the witch's face while she screwed... in a good way!!!! ..."

    Hello, MT! Hope you don't mind terribly that I've shared an "epELLEogue" on one of your pieces. Yummy stuff you have here. I'll need to look-around some more, Sweetie. Peace,Love&Kisses!!!