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Jun 30, 2014

[Story] My name is Judith

My name is Lloyd, I am a student, at University. I live with one of my friend, James.
He is a bit younger than me, by one year if I remember correctly. He is also studying at University. I am in astrophysics and he is studying psychology.
James' girlfriend, Judith, lives a few miles away from here. She comes and visit him sometimes. She has become of friend of mine, she's a really nice girl.

Judith came over for the week end. We had dinner, the three of us. And during dinner, something strange happened. It's not like everything changed all of a sudden, it was... slow. I noticed that Judith sat closer to me, she spoke to me a lot more, and James didn't seem to care.

I didn't mind. I thought they were a bit more distant, that sort of things happen.
So I played along, I spoke to her, I tried to include James in the conversation sometimes. The dinner went fine, overall.
Judith went to shower. James came to see me and said
"- Aren't you going to join her?"
WHAT? Where did that come from? Did I talk to her too much? Was he upset at me? Oh, God.
"- What are you saying? Why would I do that...?"
"- I don't know, I thought that was a normal thing to do..."
"- Whatever... Good night."
He left. I closed the door and went to sleep.

I could hear them, at night.
It reminded me I used to have a girlfriend, too. It's been almost a year now. I didn't miss her that much, but... It's always great to wake up close to someone...


Mh. It's funny. It's the first time I sleep like that. Generally, I wake up, I move, I go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water; this time, nothing.
Wait a second. I'm not in my room? What happened last night?
Seems like I'm in James' bed.
OH MY GOD. Did something just move? Don't tell me that's... Oh. Ok. That's James' girlfriend. What is she doing in James' bed with me?
Don't panic. Just leave the bed, go to the kitchen, get some breakfast, everything's gonna be fine.
Ok. She didn't wake up. Good thing.
That was strange. But what was even stranger was yet to come. I went to the kitchen, and there I found MYSELF!
I couldn't believe it. Was I dreaming? That... that was me!
Just... wait. Don't say anything. We'll see if "he" speaks first.
"- Hey, mate, you alright? You look surprised to see me?"
What the actual fuck. Of course I'm surprised to see you, you're me.
"- Uhhh. Yes, no, it's just that..." wait. Is that my voic... Oh. Now I think I understand.
I ran to the bathroom, to see myself. Well, I wasn't myself anymore. I had become James.
I guess it makes sense that I woke up in his bed, next to his girlfriend...

I pretended to be him for the rest of the day. I tried to avoid contact with Judith as much as I could, it didn't feel right to me.

At some point, I was alone with her. She asked me what was wrong. Well, the fact that I'm not myself anymore, to start with?
I invented some random stuff... that made sense, in a way. I was really telling stuff about my... well, James' life. Things that annoyed him, work he had to do and stuff... How did I know this much about him?
It seemed like I was gaining his memories. I concentrated. And I saw it. His entire life. Family, friends, middle school, ex girlfriends, ...
I was James. I was convinced of it now! I looked back at my girlfriend. We were seated on my bed. The door was closed. I knew what I had to do. It all came naturally, as if I was used to it, somehow.
It felt perfect. I was happy to assume James' place. Everything was normal...


That was the best "night" ever. If you can call that a night. Obviously, Judith was a bit surprised, but I wanted to make love to her like I never did. Because, well, I never really did...
I woke up to cuddle her, but she felt... taller?
Why does it feel like her legs are hairy? Why does she have short hair? Why do I have long hair? Oh... don't tell me IT happened again...


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