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Apr 24, 2014

[Bonus] If you could...

If you could become one of your Facebook friends, who would it be, and why?
(no need to be specific btw)


  1. Can't say name but i definitly have someone in mind to swap if i have the chance. And why, because she 's too cute and sexy^^

    1. Who is she to you? Friend? Friend's sister/GF?

    2. just a friend, don't know her very much. I just know if i was her, i could have the same job, pretty much same passions and hobbies as i have now but with a smoking hot body^^

  2. A 'friend' someone I've not seen or spoken too in years. She is literally perfect. She's stunning, thin, blonde, beautiful face. She's down to earth and treats everyone kindly. I'd love to be her, I can't help but think if I looked like her I'd be a complete bitch though, she could coast by on her looks and get what she wants. I'm incredibly jealous of her!

  3. That's an easy one - she's cute - a mom and I would love the chance to be her for a while....

  4. A friend I met the other day-she's incredibly attractive and has a well-paid job. Huge chest and nice ass. No complaints :P